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 Ozzy Osbourne Official Merchandise: Chokers, Keychains, Dog Tags, Rings, Web Belts, Belt Buckles, CD Cases, Necklaces, Silver Pendants, T Shirts, Stickers, Patches and more.

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Ozzy Osbourne Official Merchandise ~ Get the same Rings and Dog Tags that Ozzy sells on tour. We also have keychains and guitar pick necklaces. Our selection of Ozzy jewelry and memorabilia is unparalleled !


Ozzy Osbourne

Tour Merchandise !


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Ozzy Osbourne Heavy Pewter Ring with 3D logo
Ozzy Osbourne Heavy Pewter Ring with 3D logo
Osbourne Ozzy Stick Figures Official Incense Burners
Osbourne Ozzy Stick Figures Official Incense Burners
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